(According to Marcus Ranum in Technology Review): It is most likely that we will breakdown by a fatal system failure caused by connecting one critical system with a not so critical system that was connected to the internet just because someone wanted to check his facebook account through that system and accidentally got hit by a drive-by.

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My name is Florian Rienhardt and currently I live and work in the western part of Germany (Bonn). I like all kinds of nerdish computer gadgets, hacking and discovering all the stuff behind that blinky machines, especially with regards to IT security. I started being active with computers long, long before graphical user interfaces were state of the art. Thus I feel familiar with all the stuff that happens behind modern computer systems. I am able to write, read and understand x86 assembler, I am fimliar with the x86's architecture, drivers, the Windows kernel, the win32 API etc. I used many different operating systems in the past years but if I have a choice I always use Microsoft Windows. This being said, I am a PC. In 2014 I have founded a company named Excubits, the company distributes protection drivers for Microsoft Windows. The drivers base on the solid kernel drivers I have programmed during the last few years and have written about on this Blog.

Beside IT stuff I like free climbing, biking and fitness training as well. Doing sports is an essential part of my life and people around me know that I can't live without any sports for more than one week.

This web page was not crafted for any special purpose, just look at it as some kind of central anchor beyond volatile addresses, social web services or phone numbers. In first instance I started just for having my own domain, then it was some kind of sink hole to exchange all kinds of digital stuff with my buddies -- long before Google+, facebook, WordPress or DropBox made such things convenience.

In the last few years I used this place to post all kind of stuff I am currently interested in. I publish tools I have written, post tutorials, feature other sites and content etc. This site is like a personal wall where I pin-post my thoughts on - more formally: it seems to be some kind of blog right now, but it was not planned to be one in first instance.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy this web site.