(According to Marcus Ranum in Technology Review): It is most likely that we will breakdown by a fatal system failure caused by connecting one critical system with a not so critical system that was connected to the internet just because someone wanted to check his facebook account through that system and accidentally got hit by a drive-by.

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Archive 2006 - 2010

Last modified 2013/06/20 by Flo

Here you will find my posts from 2006 until 2010. There is not much here because in first instance I started to have my own domain. I then started publishing some tools I have programmed and mixtapes I have produced. I changed the overall content of very often during this period of time and unfortunately I am not able to reproduce everything I made back then. was not crafted for any special purpose at the beginning, I started just for having my own domain, then it was some kind of sink hole to exchange all kinds of digital stuff with my buddies; long before Google+, facebook, WordPress or DropBox made such things convenience.

Well, this is what is left from the beginning days :-)

StickyGet -- This is what your browser tells me

2010/08/30 by Flo

Just a simple demonstration of what your browser tells me by visiting this page. There is no reason to worry, I will not log this information (part from default apache logging). It is just for your information. You might use it to confirm the usage of "in private" mode or to check your cookie/dom-storage settings/preferences (flash-cookies are currently not supported: this is on my todo list).

A huge list of german domains

2010/05/03 by Flo

A huge list of german domains that might be helpful if you need to crawl the web. Download the file here:

Der Miller-Rabin Primzahltest

2009/01/01 by Flo

Für viele moderne Computeranwendugnen benötig man heute große Primzahlen, doch das Finden solcher ist nicht leicht. Wie man es trotzdem kann, beschreibe ich in dieser ursprünglichen Seminararbeit, die ich über die Jahre immer mehr verfeinert habe.


Big-Integers in Delphi

2009/01/01 by Flo

This is my Object-Pascal implementation of a so called big integer class (bigint). Well, I know there are heavily optimized big integer implementations out there. If you are not interested in implementation details I recommend to use such a class and maybe you should not use Pascal at all because Java, Python etc. come with full featured big integer implementations supporting all general arithmetic operations including cryptographic stuff, too. My implementation was intended to be for teaching purposes: i.e. stuff was kept as simple as possible to get some basic overview. Feel free to optimize it, feedback is welcome.



2006/10/03 by Flo (updated 2011/10/19)

Executable-Guard was a pretty cool binary protection program I have written for Windows XP and was published on my site mid 2006 while I was writing such drivers and other Windows XP protection service applications as the practical part of my diploma thesis. In short prose: Executable-Guard was able to protect your Windows XP machine against execution of untrusted code. Due to a stupid fault by myself I am not allowed, because bound by a weird contract, to publish any detailed description nor any kind of file regarding this project. The stuff I have formerly published here is unfortunately censored right now, thus this is just a placeholder.


2006/01/01 by Flo

In summer 2001 I was some kind of bored and wrote this clone of Tetris. The whole game was written in pure Visual Basic 6, it supported skins like in Winamp and was impressively fast and fluent for a game written in Visual Basic. In 2003 I included some sound effects to Tetriz, and until 2006 some friends of mine designed many pretty cool skins for Tetriz. The game still runs under Windows Vista, 7 and even 8, this is very impressive :-)

Due to general intellectual property stuff regarding the original Tetris and its copyright holders I will not provide any binary of Tetriz here.