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How to change your Windows machine's MAC address

Sometimes it is necessary to change your computer's MAC address, for example if your access to a given network is restriced to a special machine (its MAC) or must use another machine and cannot wait until its MAC is unlocked for the network. Or maybe you will keep your privacy and bother that someone might track back your computer manufactor by its MAC-address. To change the MAC just follow these steps:

Open regedit and select the following hive:

Now check for the network adapter you would like to change the MAC. It seems to be the easiest way to search for the corresponding driver description that you will find using ipconfig.exe/all. If you have found the network adapter create a new string named "NetworkAddress". As its content set the new MAC address. Example:

Now restart your machine and type ipconfig.exe/all - your MAC address should have been changed.

If you are interested in the MAC address vendor codes, also known as OUI you can find an actual list at