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Last updated on 2019/02/14

A collection of tools and papers I've created over the years and would like to share via the interwebz.

OpenSSL brainpool

The brainpool consortium defined elliptic curves that are recommended for cryptographic usage. Unfortunately openSSL lacks build in support of such curves. If you would like to use brainpool curves in openSSL this collection will help you out. You can download it here.


In der Kryptographie benötigt man zufällig gewählte große Primzahlen. Bei Zahlen mit mehr als 100 Stellen kann man Primzahlen nicht mehr mit Stift und Papier bestimmen. Man muss sich einiger Tricks bedienen. Mein Paper beschreibt einen davon, nämlich den Miller-Rabin-Primzahltest.

Kernel-based Monitoring

Since malware works fast and quiet there is demand to analyze, track and block suspicious behaviour. There is nothing as central as the kernel of an operating system. This whitepaper describes how to monitor and protect your Windows-based system by using a minifilter drivers.

Fast GCD on the Raspberry Pi

I wanted to calculate the GCD for a given set of RSA key material taken from public certificates. I used the Fastgcd by Nadia Heninger and J. Alex Halderman which utilized the algorithm by Bernstein. I had some issues compiling it, so I decided to publish the ready to go binary here. If you want the full source code, contact me.

PHP-based download links

From time to time I upload files onto my web space to share files with family and friends. I wanted a quick (and dirty) way to share download links easily like in, but without a bulky framework. So I have written my own PHP script. You can download it here, maybe it's useful to you.

Tor 4 Chrome

Some time ago I experimented with Tor to work with Google's Chrome. I have build a tiny package you can just use right out of the box. Please close all Chrome instances when you run the startup script. I would also suggest to use IronBrowser instead of Chrome just to be sure. You can download the package here.

File Searching Tool

A tool which I have written back in 2006 or so. It often helped me to quickly find files I was searching for. You can download it here.